iPhone X Fold

And I couldn’t wait another minute to get a sell from an iPhone X Fold. A render is a render and therefore stylizes, improves and refines the device much more and in this case we see the typical notch  of the iPhone, a single hole in the screen for the camera once we open it, a much thinner frames and a screen with better view than that of the newly presented Samsung Galaxy  Fold..

First of all  we must not forget that this is still a render so it is not something that Apple has prepared even though a few hours ago a patent was also published that speaks of folding devices.

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In any case  the render can be said that it is curious and arrives just in time hours after seeing the so-called “prototype” released by Samsung.

I don’t get a price for an Apple folding device, but I imagine if the Samsung Galaxy Fold  was launched at a price of about $2,000 sale to the public the Apple model could pass that figure far.

Well this is also not something that we can confirm since there is no such device that could be interesting for a type of user who does not have an iPad and wants to have an iPhone with a much larger screen at certain times of the day.

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The truth is that there is quite a bit of controversy with the launch of the Galaxy Fold,would you like Apple to launch its iPhone  Fold?

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