Gadgets for 2020

If you don’t know it’s a gadget and why everyone doesn’t talk about the latest gadgets of the year. Here I explain in a simple way that we refer to when we use this technological term  increasingly  mas  used.

We define gadget to a new or very recent product and/or technological device on the market that usually incorporates new technologies or discoveries in the world of technology,  are usually CAROS devices and have specific functions that make your life  easier  or even improve the functioning of another device making it have a new feature or special function.

Features of a Gadget

They have a specific purpose or function

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They are small in size (not  always )

New and very practical

Its prices are high on launch due to the new technology incorporated by these devices.

Examples of the most common gadgets today are Smartwatch,  Health or Training Bands, Cellular Support and at the same Time Wireless Chargers, Information Transmission Rings, 3d Printers, Smart Speakers like  Alexa..

FACT : When a gadget becomes a product widely used by many people such as cell phones or mp3 players (at the time they were or were called gadgets), they are no longer called gadgets. Since they no longer comply with the features mentioned above that every gadget must  have.

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We must also differentiate a gadget from a widget,  when we refer to this last  term  “widget” we refer to a small program or application (micro apps) that run on devices whether these cell phones, smartwatch or others, aiming to facilitate or access new functions even simplify tasks that you want to perform. For example, you could download a widget that every morning when you wake up sends you a message with today’s temperature informing you if it will rain or the day will be  sunny. Another widget might help you remember what exercise you should do today in the gym to meet your  goals.

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