Tea Bags Help yours eyes

Tea bags help deal with problems such as dark circles, eye bags, but also with conditions such as conjunctivitis. However, we want to share a final tip intended to treat dark circles and eye bags. It is a question of inserting the tea bags into the fridge and using them cold.

Cold stimulates circulation and encourages fluids in the eye contour area to drain. That’s why we can use the tea bags mentioned above. We just have to leave it in the fridge for a few minutes and put it over our eyes for ten minutes.

Do you usually have eye problems? Do you have bags and dark circles often? We hope these remedies can help you, but we remind you to be very careful with the chamomile infusion.

In all the tea bags check that they are properly closed so that nothing can enter your eyes. We encourage you to try these remedies. Will they work for you?

Greent é and acne treatment

Green tea is a natural astringent that offers interesting results in the treatment of acne. Do you know how it’s used? Here we tell you in detail.

Can green tea help with acne?

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Acne is not a  serious health problem in most cases, at least from an organic point of view. From a psychological point of view, however, it does often cause significant effects, as it can affect appearance and self-esteem. Can green tea help with acne?

Acne usually responds well to home treatments, including green tea. Only in rare times does it become resistant and in such cases is the specialized intervention of a dermatologist necessary. This problem mainly affects teens, but can occur at any age.

In general, there is considered to be a serious concomitant problem if acne suddenly appears in an older adult. In these cases, it is advisable to see a dermatologist or our trusted doctor.

Let’s get to know acne

Woman with acne problems

Acne is one of the most common skin diseases. It originates when pores become clogged with debris and dead cells.

Acne is a skin disorder that affects hair follicles and sebaceous glands, according to the Mayo Clinic. The skin has small holes called pores. These are internally connected to the sebaceous glands, using a duct called a follicle.

The sebaceous glands produce a fatty substance called sebum. Sebum carries dead skin cells to the surface through the follicles. Hair also grows through such follicles. Sometimes dead cells, sebum and hair come together and plug the pore.

The confluence of dead cells, sebum and hair causes bacteria to clump together at one point. This causes swelling. The moment the cap begins to clog, a grain or shin is formed. Acne appears on the face, neck, chest, back and shoulders.

Tips for your MAKEUP

The concept of makeup mentions the act and the result of makeup or makeup: that is, to appeal cosmetic products to change the appearance or beautify the face or other part of the body. Makeup is also called the substance that is used for this purpose.

Makeup is used by humans to hide imperfections or highlight certain traits. It is common for it to be applied to the eyelids, lips and cheeks, among other places.

Many people, especially women, wear makeup before attending social gatherings. With this practice, known as social makeup, the intention is to look your best.

Social makeup is usually part of a set of practices that most people of a generation carry out, that is, trends or fashions. The power of these movements is such that  just as one day they impose the use of makeup, the next they can convince the population that it is no longer necessary.

It is important to note that the use of makeup can transform a face considerably; If we add to this that there are many people who do not leave their house without applying it, we can conclude that we almost never see the true aspect of our co-workers, neighbors or even family members.

One of the goals of those who use this type of product is to disguise certain imperfections or scars. In the first group are birthmarks, skin spots and moles; the second encompasses all those consequences left by acne, as well as various accidents that damage the skin directly.

While no one has a perfect body, most people wear a face that we might describe as “normal”: it does not exhibit significant defects and their skin has an acceptable texture. This does not mean that they settle for what nature gave them, but do not live traumatized by it. On the other hand, people who have suffered severe cases of acne or an accident that have left them with significant scars, especially on their faces, often have many problems adapting to society as they feel a deep shame when others look at them.

In these cases, makeup has a practically therapeutic function, it becomes an invaluable resource to leave the house. Taking up the above, a large part of the population takes on makeup before meeting other people, although they don’t really need it to cover defects but simply for fashion-related issues; those who feel humiliated by their physical appearance, on the other hand, have a much heavier reality, as they generate a dependence on cosmetic products.

Gadgets for 2020

If you don’t know it’s a gadget and why everyone doesn’t talk about the latest gadgets of the year. Here I explain in a simple way that we refer to when we use this technological term  increasingly  mas  used.

We define gadget to a new or very recent product and/or technological device on the market that usually incorporates new technologies or discoveries in the world of technology,  are usually CAROS devices and have specific functions that make your life  easier  or even improve the functioning of another device making it have a new feature or special function.

Features of a Gadget

They have a specific purpose or function

They are small in size (not  always )

New and very practical

Its prices are high on launch due to the new technology incorporated by these devices.

Examples of the most common gadgets today are Smartwatch,  Health or Training Bands, Cellular Support and at the same Time Wireless Chargers, Information Transmission Rings, 3d Printers, Smart Speakers like  Alexa..

FACT : When a gadget becomes a product widely used by many people such as cell phones or mp3 players (at the time they were or were called gadgets), they are no longer called gadgets. Since they no longer comply with the features mentioned above that every gadget must  have.

We must also differentiate a gadget from a widget,  when we refer to this last  term  “widget” we refer to a small program or application (micro apps) that run on devices whether these cell phones, smartwatch or others, aiming to facilitate or access new functions even simplify tasks that you want to perform. For example, you could download a widget that every morning when you wake up sends you a message with today’s temperature informing you if it will rain or the day will be  sunny. Another widget might help you remember what exercise you should do today in the gym to meet your  goals.

iPhone X Fold

And I couldn’t wait another minute to get a sell from an iPhone X Fold. A render is a render and therefore stylizes, improves and refines the device much more and in this case we see the typical notch  of the iPhone, a single hole in the screen for the camera once we open it, a much thinner frames and a screen with better view than that of the newly presented Samsung Galaxy  Fold..

First of all  we must not forget that this is still a render so it is not something that Apple has prepared even though a few hours ago a patent was also published that speaks of folding devices.

In any case  the render can be said that it is curious and arrives just in time hours after seeing the so-called “prototype” released by Samsung.

I don’t get a price for an Apple folding device, but I imagine if the Samsung Galaxy Fold  was launched at a price of about $2,000 sale to the public the Apple model could pass that figure far.

Well this is also not something that we can confirm since there is no such device that could be interesting for a type of user who does not have an iPad and wants to have an iPhone with a much larger screen at certain times of the day.

The truth is that there is quite a bit of controversy with the launch of the Galaxy Fold,would you like Apple to launch its iPhone  Fold?