July 11, 2020

News Actualidad Viral

News Actualidad Viral


Onion has been used as a natural medicine for many years, and more and more healing properties of this herb are being discovered. Onion is good for flu, pneumonia, prevents cancer, and yes, it’s also good for diabetes and will help you treat the disease naturally.

Onion has been found to help significantly reduce blood sugar levels, due to a substance it contains and is called “plant insulin”.

The onion has flavonoids vegetable pigments especially one called quercetin that helps protect the arteries and the heart; as well as reducing glucose rates and stimulating insulin production, making it ideal for Diabetes control. In addition, quercetin improves cholesterol control by reducing the accumulation of “bad” cholesterol—the one that clogs the arteries of the heart-; and prevents the formation of blood clots. In the face of this, it is recommended to eat a day between one to seven ounces of onion to lower the amount of glucose in the blood. Remember that it is possible to eat it both cooked and boiled.

Onion not only helps reduce blood sugar, but also prevents ferments from forming in the stomach, urine and blood, helping diabetics reduce the dizziness they usually experience.

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In order for you to help diabetics, the onion should be consumed in raw form, or slightly cooked (below I will explain how), since cooking it loses much of its medicinal properties.

For those who are diabetic, incorporating the onion into their diet is very important since they need to purify their blood and the onion helps to purify it, disinfecting it, since it acts by removing impurities from the blood, making it cleaner and purer and therefore with more Onions..

Onion is rich in minerals and trace elements: calcium, magnesium, chlorine, cobalt, copper, iron, phosphorus, iodine, nickel, potassium, silicon, zinc, sulfur, bromine, … Vitamins la vitaminas  A, B, C and E also abound.

It also houses an essential oil containing a volatile substance called allyl, with bactericidal and fungicide properties.



Circulation: The presence of aliin,although in less quantity than in garlic, makes it very important in granting this plant  antithrombote properties (Noformation of blood clots) so it is very suitable to fluidize blood circulation and avoid or fight against the following circulatory diseases: arteriosclerosis, cholesterol, hypertension, angina and others related to poor circulation such as hemorrhoids. (Macerate 300 gr. of onion in one liter of water for 12 hours. Drink three glasses a day)

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Diuretics: Promotes the elimination of bodily fluids, being very suitable in cases of rheumatism, gout, hydropesia, edema, and bladder. (3 smalls per day of maceration of 50 gr. of onion crushed in one liter of wine)

Bactericide: Because of its content in sulfur-rich compounds, it is, together with garlic, one of the best natural remedies to combat infectious processes of the respiratory system (flu, bronchitis, pharyngitis, etc… ) and digestive intestinal rots, diarrhea, etc…) (Onion syrup: One hour’s decoction of the same amount of onion as water. To the resulting preparation, 1/5 part honey and 1/3 sugar are added. Stir until well-consistencyd and drink three cups a day) (Onion vapours in boiling water)

The onion mixed with honey in equal parts lightens the voice and solves the problem of hoarseness. (Drink 3 tablespoons daily of the juice of the onion mixture with honey)

Digestive: Promotes digestion, by stimulating the liver, gallbladder and pancreas  although it should be avoided in cases where there is hyperchlorhydria (heartburn acidity) as well as in delicate stomachs. Recent studies seem to associate onion consumption with cancer inhibition. The acid compounds appear to be responsible for the fight against the appearance of cancer cells in the stomach. The flavonoid quercetin, for its antioxidant effects, also seems to play the same role in this regard.

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Allergies: This same flavonoid is very useful for reducing allergic reactions caused by pollen. An effective remedy against hay fever involves macerating a peeled onion and chopped into a glass of water for a couple of minutes. Then you drink the water.

Osteoporosis: Studies on mice seem to show, according to research conducted in Switzerland, how the daily intake of this food favors the development of bone tissue, decreasing osteoporosis by 20%.


Insect bites: Its bactericidal properties make it a good disinfectant against animal bites or bites, especially insects. (Wet the affected area with the liquid of a fresh crushed onion)

Warts: Warts can be removed if daily we apply two or three times a poultle with the juice of an onion crushed in vinegar.

Hair lotion: In addition to stimulating the hair follicle, sulfur, it eliminates dandruff and helps preserve hair. Quercetin has its role in this regard( Make  daily frictions of the juice of the spring onion)

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