July 14, 2020

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Women and men: the secret of relationships

How beautiful love is! Women and men are wanted, met and eventually come together in a relationship to enjoy full-time the love they feel. The hard part is not falling in love; the hard part is when your feelings lead you to formalize passion, desire and infatuation in a relationship.

From that moment on, elements outside love will come into play: support, compression, complicity, coexistence, but also misunderstandings, jealousy, discussions. Why does it become a conflict of interest? What’s the secret to relationships?

Women and men… and love

We have set out to dele into the complex world of couple relationships. Why so many couples break, why some of the couples that don’t break, don’t really stand up to each other and why happy couples seem so unattainable. We understand that the key lies in these differences that separate men and women, differences that are not always irreconcilable, even if they cause so many misunderstandings. Differences that separate us and unite us at the same time.

There’s the paradox of relationships between women and men. That’s really the secret of couples. So different that we are attracted, so different that we cannot understand each other, so different that, one day, we can come to complement each other. Maybe. Maybe it’s those differences between women and men that have created the half-orange myth. Are we missing something if we’re not in a couple, will our half-orange be around somewhere? Is there really a half orange?

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Around us we have witnessed the many conflicts that arise between couples. Even some of us have lived them in their own flesh, others have told us and others are there, fluttering in the collective unconscious. Based on experiences, own and others, we have come to some conclusions, while others continue to escape us. But in any case, we want to share our conclusions, if anything we all find the secret of a happy couple.

Love and other feelings in couples

The results of research  on women and men and the relationships that are established between them will appear over the weeks. We will address the different issues that concern couples: discussions, coexistence, understanding, sex… but we’ll approach it all with humor. Because we’re convinced that love can’t survive without humor.

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Because we are tolerant and understanding, as well as very reasonable (or so we want to believe), we are open to hearing the point of view of all those men who want to participate in research. And we take the opportunity to ask that no one, neither man nor woman, will be offended by the stereotypes that we will necessarily have to resort to. Because we will do it from the love and from respect, but always from the mood.

Humor and love

We are going to laugh at everything, indifferent men and overwhelming women, insensitive men and soft women, men who do not listen and women who keep talking. We’re going to laugh, because with laughter they get the trouble better. And because we’re sure those laughs are included in the happy couple’s formula.

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And maybe in the end, the only thing we’re going to realize is that we always had the secret of relationships in front of us, even though we didn’t know. All our conclusions may end up confirming to us that love cannot be understood. But isn’t it that mystery that makes love and infatuation so appealing? We’re clear that we don’t need anyone but ourselves to be happy,  but aren’t we curious?

Let’s stop social media, day-to-day stress or the need to please everyone and focus on our feelings. Let us take away our fear knowing our most intimate emotions, even if we may end up scaring ourselves. But, you know: that’s love.

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