July 14, 2020

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The funniest love letter for your boy

Hi dear

I don’t know how you get that, even though time passes and we’re becoming more and more anniversaries, you still have me completely in love. I don’t understand how you can still like me despite your heavy jokes, your scares behind the door and those fortuitous ventos that you give me every day. Is it precisely because of all this that I still love you so much?

I like to get home and know that you’re going to be in the kitchen meringinging; I like to find those love notes that you leave me every morning next to my breakfast cup; I like to go into bed and find it warm because you’re in sleeping… I like even your pasta sauce recipe; The one you say has been in your family for years, but that you and I know is about throwing some oregano to the fried tomato.

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I could tell you that, ‘despite everything’ I love you today much more than the first day we saw each other. But the truth is that ‘it’s all about it’ that my love for you is every second a little bigger. Every day I am more confident that our relationship has no limit and that we will be able to with all the obstacles that are put in our way.

Who would have imagined that, after a first date as nefarious as the one we had, we were going to get here. No sensible one would have bet on this relationship, but if something is characterised by you and me, it is by being very unwise.

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And here we are. Day by day. Kiss to kiss. Caresses to caress.

To infinity, and beyond. I love you.

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