July 14, 2020

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News Actualidad Viral

The best love letter to say ‘I love you’

My love

No matter how many times I say ‘I love you’, I feel like they’re never enough. That’s why today I’m going to do it in a very special way: I’m going to surprise you with a love letter.

You’ve become one of the most important people in my life. You’re one of those hopelessly satisfying priorities. I’m not going to tell you that before you got here, I was empty, or that you filled in a gap that was missing from me. But it’s true that I have a hard time imagining a life you don’t participate in.

You make me happy every day and your smile is the most powerful source of energy I’ve ever managed to gather. That’s why I don’t want to trade you for anything or anyone else.

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I have to thank you for your patience with me, because I am aware that sometimes I can become a very complicated person. With your serenity and your hand, you manage to bring me back to the path of calm and firm steps. Your support has been, is and will be vital for you to move forward.

You are my reason for dreaming and I want you to be part of my decisions and desires. Let this grow without limits or ceilings, because we conceive it from the beginning. That’s why, even if I forget to tell you sometimes, I love you.

Never forget it. I love you.

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