July 11, 2020

News Actualidad Viral

News Actualidad Viral

Romantic love letter for a long relationship

My love,

Something inside me knew, from the day we met, that we were going to end up together. And here we are, 15 years later, together and just as in love. That same intuition also tells me that we still have many more years of love left.

Not every moment has been entirely easy. We have had to climb several mountains and jump some holes that have opened under our feet. But because we’ve always gone hand in hand, adversity has always seemed a little smaller.

We have been and are very happy together, but we cannot take all the credit. We are fortunate to have a wonderful family, not to mention our children; our rays of light every day. They have always backed us up and supported us unlessly with a smile on our face.

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But just as there have been times of agob, there have been many times of joy; just as we have been narrow, we have lived the abundance; just as we have been tried to drive us out of our way, we have managed to get our lives back on track.

And you know what’s best? You know what makes me so happy? That we still have the best to live. I can’t wait to live it all, but by your side. As soon as we realize it, we’ll be celebrating again for another 15 years together.

I love you.

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