July 11, 2020

News Actualidad Viral

News Actualidad Viral

Wild chickens become a pest in New Zealand after coronavirus quarantine

The measures New Zealand set to stem the covid-19’s advance appear to have worked, but they have had an unexpected effect: the res emergence of a wild chicken plague that threatens an area west of Auckland.

While the media reports that the coronavirus epidemic is over in New Zealand, residents of West Auckland face a plague of wild chickens, a problem that seemed almost solved before the pandemic, according to the  Guardian.

The cackle of the birds takes  sleep away from the inhabitants of the suburb of  Titirangi. Hens devastate gardens, orchards and the roots of Kauri trees (an iconic species of New Zealand and the largest in the country).

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However, some New Zealanders feel sorry for birds and feed them, however the food they leave for them, in turn, attracts rats. And, apparently, this drop has been the last straw, according to the statements to  the Guardian of the chairman of the public council of the Wait-kere  Ranges region, Greg  Presland,in charge ofsolving the problem.

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“This has revived the old discrepancies in the locality,” he said. Some residents believe that wild hens give the area a quaint appearance, while other locals see them as “something from a Stephen King movie.”

The suburb of Titirangui  is home to less than 4,000 people and there are about 20-30 wild hens.

According to Presland,the problem with wild birds arose in 2008, when one of the residents released two domesticated chickens that began to live independently. Since then, the number of birds has increased to 250 in 2019.

In order not to harm harmless birds but rid themselves, local authorities have developed a plan for their capture and relocation, for which large nets were set up in the suburbs of Titirangi.

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