July 11, 2020

News Actualidad Viral

News Actualidad Viral

Tesla autopilot dodges a pig at night and Elon Musk says his cars have “superhuman” abilities

The vehicle was moving at high speed but did not lose control despite the unexpected obstacle and continued its journey.

On social media, images circulate as a tesla power car automatically deviates to avoid crashing into a pig at night, which, according to company ceo Elon Musk, is a sample of the “superhuman” skills of its cars.

An Indian Twitter user shared the video, recorded by his Tesla’s cameras, tagging Musk, and it shows how the vehicle that moved at high speed abruptly dodges the animal, but without losing control.

The netizen noted that it is a sign of the effectiveness of the Tesla car autopilot system. Musk later responded by saying that the main guideline of such a system is “not to collide.” “What seems fast to humans is slow for a computer. 360-degree low-light vision and sonar, as well as front radar, allow for superhumans. Upcoming ‘software’ updates will increasingly show their potential,” Tesla’s boss wrote.

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