July 11, 2020

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My partner kisses badly: how to handle the situation (without being offended)

What to do if you don’t like your boyfriend’s kisses?

Is there anything more iconic about a couple’s relationship than kissing them? In addition to the amount of benefits of the act of kissing itself, kissing is one of those bonds that bind couples together. With a kiss you can say many things, from “I love you” to “sorry”, to “I am by your side”. But what if your partner kisses badly? We tell you how to handle this situation without your boy being offended. Take note of all the tips!

Does your partner kiss badly?

First of all  we’re going to calm down, because you’re already overwhelmed thinking that if your boyfriend kisses badly the relationship has no future. You think if your kisses aren’t accompanied, it’s because you don’t really connect. Maybe you don’t love him that much or he doesn’t love you because if he did, your kisses would be perfect, wouldn’t they? Well, not necessarily, that this isn’t a Hollywood movie.

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Take a deep breath and ask yourself a question: does your boyfriend kiss badly? Okay, we agree you don’t like their kisses, but that doesn’t mean he kisses badly. We’re going to use a little positive thinking, let’s not believe everything our mind tells us, because it’s not always true. Your boyfriend doesn’t kiss badly, kiss differently from you or kiss in a way that doesn’t motivate you or you don’t like. To give birth from here we can work better to solve this problem.

Because obviously if you don’t enjoy your partner’s kisses, there’s a problem. A problem that can be solved with a lot of tact, please. Maybe his kisses are full of saliva, maybe he sucks, makes a lot of noise, bites you, bumps into his teeth or uses his tongue too… No, you don’t like it. But you can learn from everything in this life, right?

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What to do if you don’t like the way your boyfriend kisses

Communication is essential in handling this situation. But before you say anything, you have to change the chip and transform your belief that your boyfriend kisses badly because your boyfriend kisses differently than you’re used to. The goal is going to be the same, but the way to solve it includes your boyfriend from an egalitarian perspective and not from the subordination he can’t kiss, let alone an offense.

And what’s the point? Get magical communication through kisses. Couple communication is usually spoken, but on this occasion there may be plenty of words. Words that can offend your boyfriend and lower his self-esteem to the bottom of the earth, and you don’t want that. You can’t tell your partner to kiss badly because it could block, feel insecure, and then we can’t solve the kissing issue.

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Why don’t you tempt him to try something new? It’s a subtle way to teach him how to kiss the way you like. You can say, “Do you know how I like kisses, like this.” And give him a practical demonstration of the thousand ways two people’s lips have to play. This is what is called preaching by example. Because it’s no use giving him a theoretical class in a matter of kisses.

Prepare a relaxed atmosphere, give importance to what you don’t like about your kisses, turn out lights, light candles, give caresses and kiss it all over your body. When you get to his lips, you’ll be so in sync that your boyfriend might surprise you with the perfect kiss.

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