July 14, 2020

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Kamasutra: everything you need to know about this book

Many believe that Kamasutra  is a simple collection of sexual postures. Here’s everything there is to know about the real book.

The one known by all as “Kamasutra”is a book that goes far beyond the teaching of sexual positions. It’s actually a guide to getting involved in sex as a real art. As they conceived in the East in the 3rd century and as documented by the writer  Vatsiaiana..

It is a treatise on pleasure, in which this Hindu monk forms a compilation of other people’s experiences. Their way of meditating on human relationships and the sacred importance of sex to them.

The details you should know about the Kamasutra

It’s only a fraction

Everyone knows the Kamasutra  as a book in itself, but the truth is that it is not. This is chapter number 2 of a book that has 7 themes distributed in 36 chapters.

The original underwent modifications

Over the centuries, man put his hand and the original document was modified. Thus, different writers presented their own version about the Kamasutra. Some more worthy than others, but none is a real version of the original book.

The basis for a happy couple

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Man and woman have to give and receive the best version on the plane of pleasure. Thus, mutual delivery allows a union to be generated that goes from the bodily to the sentimental.

Making love is sharing good energy, freeing yourself, and welcoming the gods in the greatest happiness. The important thing is for the couple to work to make sex happy alike.

It’s not just sex

Although it is directly related to sex, in Kamasutra  there is also culture. Provides details on the relationships of the time and human behaviors. She even dedicates a chapter to wives and the method of choosing the ideal woman.

Despite the distance in time the Kamasutra,his advice can still help many marriages. The principle that governs all its content is the search for spiritual harmony. Emotions and bodies are tools for their attainment.

What’s relevant about seduction

Seduction is granted a place of privilege in the art of love. Perhaps, much more important than I can have the intercourse itself. Collate a woman, achieve conquest with good attitudes and romantic games are crucial.

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Sex is the brooch that gives a bright closure to all that previous one. It is a divine moment of union in the body and soul of two people who meet to improve themselves.

The drawings came over the years

Most pleasurable sexual positions for her

The original version lacked figures or drawings accompanying the text. A few years later, some authors made new editions with hand drawings.

Today, there are already hundreds of books based on the Kamasutra  with all kinds of designs. Some even come with real erotic videos.

Kamasutra was long believed to be an illustrated book, however, it was not always so.

The most famous book

Surely the Hindu monk never thought that his collection of period stories was going to become what it is. Undoubtedly, it is the book that includes sexual themes, most famous in history.

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18 centuries have passed and the Kamasutra  remains relevant worldwide. In fact, it has been translated into most existing languages.

8. Details make accuracy

The wisest advice to succeed in love is found in the Kamasutra. Each theme is written with the utmost precision and category.

It is precisely the details in each subject that lead people to be precise, to succeed. For this reason, every sexual position develops, each way of seducing thoroughly.

And the most beautiful thing is that those same details are taken into account when it comes to falling in love, of connecting emotionally.

Kamasutra tips

To feel full and experience the premises of Kamasutra  you don’t just have to think about intercourse. The sexual act itself has no relation to the basic idea of this book.

You have to worry about every caress, every gesture, every kiss and above all about the energy that is delivered in each encounter. The result will surely be two happy and satisfied people.

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