July 11, 2020

News Actualidad Viral

News Actualidad Viral

A grizzly bear and a bison face off in a single survivor duel in Yellowstone

Both animals seemed just as strong at first, but one of them ended up serving as food for their opponent.

An American family witnessed a bloody  battle between a  grizzly bear and a bison during his visit to Yellowstone National Park in the US. Michael  Daus,who managed to film the event, recounted that they took security measures upon learning of the bear’s presence, but suddenly encountered the two animals in the parking lot.


There they saw how when confronted they looked just as strong and the bear was retreating, until he took the initiative and began attacking the bison on the back. “The grizzly bear was clearly winning. And no matter how painful it was, the bison continued to make small attempts to free itself, until it was finally subdued,”  Daus said in his video.

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Tenley Thompson, a biologist at  EcoTour  Adventures,commented on the images stating that she never saw a similar scene and underlined some details in the behavior of the animals.

He noticed, for example, that the bison was very clever when he went into the water, as the bear would have less advantage if he had to swim, but it turned out that the river was shallow. He also pointed out that beating a bison is not an easy task for any animal, and it is very curious that the bear managed to do so.

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