Clinical trials of coronavirus vaccines in Russia start

Researchers from several entities in the country are working on the creation of the covid-19 vaccine, including the Véktor Center for Virology and Biotechnologies and the Gamaleya Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology. .

Russian Minister of Industry and Trade Denís Mánturovsaid on Wednesday in the State Duma, the Russian Lower House, that clinical trials of vaccines against the new coronavirus have already begun in the country.

“As far as the issue of the vaccine that is of interest to all, I can say that this month our pharmacists have started clinical trials together with the organizations of the Ministry of Health and the Russian Federal Service for the Supervision of Consumer Protection and Welfare(Rospotrebnadzor),”said  Mánturov,quoted by Interfax, promising that the authorities will be reporting on the process.

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At the moment, different teams of scientists are trying to develop a vaccine against the new coronavirus in Russia. One of them, the GamaleyaInstitute of Epidemiology andMicrobiology, expressed hope of recording the vaccine as early as August, while researchers at the  Véktor Center for Virology and Biotechnologies plan to register their SARS-CoV-2 vaccine in September.

Unlike drugs, whose efficacy is estimated for their effects on people who already have a certain disease, experimental vaccines are given to healthy people who are then exposed to the harmful microorganism. After months or years of observation, scientists may consider their invention to be successful if those people did not catch it after the injection.

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Experimental vaccines are usually tested in thousands of people living in contagion zones, although it is also common for these studies to involve a few dozen volunteers who are monitored by doctors in case they develop symptoms of the disease after being infected.

In this way, researchers can decide whether it is worth continuing with the development of the tested vaccine or whether it is better to seek another remedy.

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