Tips to increase sexual resistance

Increasing sexual endurance allows us to enjoy sex in a much more satisfying way. But to do this, we must keep in mind the problems of premature ejaculation and physical exhaustion that occurs in sexual intercourse.

Although these may seem difficult problems to solve, today, we have a series of exercises to be able to increase sexual endurance without any problem. However, we must be aware that only by being consistent in their practice will we achieve the results we are looking for.

Increase sexual stamina by practicing exercise

Exercise improves the physical endurance required for increased relationship performance.

Don’t we last too long in sex because we get tired earlier than planned? Are we fatigued even when we’ve finished having sex? This is because we don’t have good physical endurance. In fact, I’m sure we’re not able to run for a minute without feeling exhausted.

The fact that we lead a sedentary life or that we don’t strive to work that resistance that we lack has its consequences when we have sex. However, this has an easy solution.

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Let’s start by walking in twenty-thirty minutes every day.

When we’ve acquired the habit, let’s start trying to run.

Our goal will be to reach five minutes and then increase that time.

Consistency in training will be what allows us to continue to progress.

Physical exercise is done every day. If we see that it is difficult for us to maintain a routine on our own we can sign up for a gym and have them make us a proper training plan to improve our endurance. Being consistent will help us increase sexual endurance.

Perform Kegel exercises

Another way to increase sexual endurance is by performing Kegel exercises. These have become very fashionable thanks to the incredible benefits that are being made by the people who practice them, whether they are men or women. The goal is to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles to improve erection in the case of men.

If a man practices Kegel exercises he will enjoy firm erections for a longer time, in addition to that he can slow ejaculation. This is very interesting for those people who suffer from premature ejaculation.

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The first few days try to cut the urine jet when you’re in the bathroom.

Once you detect what the muscles are, you can exercise them anywhere else.

Start by contracting them for four seconds and rest for two seconds.

Do this, at least for two minutes.

After a week you can increase the times.

Currently, thanks to technology, there are different mobile applications that can remind us that we must perform the Kegel exercises, as well as the time to do them. This is very interesting, as it will allow us to follow the habit and see the progress.

The benefits of masturbation

Masturbation allows us to know our own body and experiment before relationships.

Masturbating, even when coupled, has many benefits to increase endurance in sex. The reason is that it allows us to know our body. Thus, we will be able to know what we can do to delay ejaculation and endure more during sex.

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In addition, during masturbation different techniques can be put into practice to delay ejaculation and check if they work for us or not. This will also involve an exercise that will be able to see your results during sex.

Being close to reaching orgasm can be pressured on the glans..

Try to get almost to the climax and stop touching, take a deep breath and slow ejaculation.

Although it doesn’t seem relevant, these exercises can significantly increase endurance in sex. That’s why masturbation, if we have trouble lasting during sex, is a good idea. In fact, it’s pretty healthy.

If you were looking to increase resistance in sex we hope this article has allowed you to discover a series of tips that you can apply so you can start seeing results.

However, in case you get frustrated and do not see any improvement, do not hesitate to consult this problem with a specialist. Sometimes, especially if you are an early ejaculator, some medications may be needed.

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