Expanded orgasm what is it? How to get it?

Have you ever had a much more intense orgasm than normal? Was its duration different, too? This is known as expanded orgasm, a much more pleasurable climax experience that allows us to enjoy pleasure to its maximum degree.

If we have ever experienced this type of orgasm, we may wonder what we can do to have them more frequently. Throughout this article we will answer these questions. We will also take a closer look at what expanded orgasm is.

What is an orgasm?

Expanded orgasm differs from the most “common” in its intensity and duration.

An orgasm is a sensation of intense pleasure that according to the article Orgasm and its impact on quality of life: “it is a neurophysiological phenomenon that produces contraction of the bulb-cavernous musculature and usually coincides with ejaculation”.

What this definition does not point out to us is that orgasm can be of many types and intensities. For example, a man may reach the climax without ejaculating (retrograde ejaculation) or a woman can ejaculate (squirting). Also, we can feel orgasms much more pleasurable than others.

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As for the degree of pleasure, here comes the expanded orgasm, which has nothing to do with a person being multiorgasmic. In this case, orgasm doubles its intensity by leading the person to their most extreme ecstasy.

This term was coined by Patricia Taylor in her research, and describing how during this experience it gets carried away for a few seconds or even minutes to end with a feeling of relaxation and great satisfaction. An orgasm experience quite away from a “regular” one.

Expanded orgasm and tantra

The feeling of pleasure during expanded orgasm will be similar in men than in women

One thing Patricia Taylor made clear from her research is that, expanded orgasm could be experienced by both men and women alike. This is important, as women are considered to feel more pleasure than men when they reach the climax.

This concept of expanded orgasm had a very particular association with tantra. This is because tantra one focuses not on the climax but on sensory and sensual experiences. For example, caresses, rubbing with skin, moisture from kisses… Everything we don’t usually be aware of.

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This awareness that expands our senses allows us to enjoy the sexual experience even more. Without haste, enjoying what we do not usually notice, perceiving the smells and having a very different sexual relationship, but extremely pleasant.

The result? An expanded orgasm that produces contractions not only on the genitals, but throughout the body where control has no place.

How to have an expanded orgasm?

Now that we know what an expanded orgasm is, we may want to know how to experience it or enjoy it again much more often. To do this, it is necessary to put into practice some habits that will allow us to achieve it:

Kegel exercises: involves exercising your pelvic floor muscles by contracting and relaxing. There are applications, as well as tips that put into practice only 5 minutes a day will allow us to enjoy much more pleasant orgasms.

Masturbation: helps us to know our body, explore it to know what we like, with what intensity and where to touch. This will give us greater confidence to be with another person so that we can reach maximum pleasure with them.

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Focus on the moment: if when practicing sex we are thinking about other things or feeling unsafe about our body, it will be impossible to achieve an expanded orgasm. Being in the here and now will be essential to have a most pleasant experience.

Are you able to distinguish the types of orgasm you experience? Have you ever been able to identify if you’ve ever had an expanded orgasm? We encourage you to know your body. To solve those insecurities that may limit you when touching you or how much you limit yourself to enjoyment when you’re with someone else.

Testing and experimenting will not only lead us to have expanded orgasms, but multiorgasms, squirtings, etc. Also, it will allow us to discover other ways to enjoy and get pleasure. What are you waiting for to experience the climax to its maximum?

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