Reasons for which you don’t enjoy sex fully

Leave stress and complexes behind. Enjoying sex involves relaxing. Otherwise, it is not possible to fully enjoy it.

Many times, sex is not a simple thing. Indeed, many factors may be influencing whether we enjoy sex fully or not. Do you know what they are? In this article we introduce some of them.

Sex has always presented itself as a pleasure that should be felt every time it is practiced. However, the reality is that  on many occasions, even if a sexual relationship is maintained, we are not fully satisfied.

Perhaps some complexes, nervousness or the stress of daily life prevent us from giving ourselves up and enjoying ourselves. Because, in fact, stress is the main factor that can cause sex not to be enjoyed fully.

However, although stress-related, the causes can be many more. Let’s look at some of them below:

Anxiety about pleasing the couple

When it comes to relationships, stress and taboos should be left behind to fully enjoy with your partner.

You may feel pressure to satisfy your partner, so you get stressed and can’t relax. You forget that your excitement and pleasure are as important as those of the other person and that they deserve the same dedication.

On the other hand, you may want to do something in bed  but don’t dare express it to your partner. Whether it’s fear of what he’ll think if you discover your fantasy or reject it, the fact is, you don’t satisfy your desire. As a result, you keep a stress factor inside you during the relationship.

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whatever the case may be, to be able to fully enjoy sex you have to relax first. Therefore, it is better to leave taboos behind, avoid stress and pressure and give yourself completely to the pleasure of both.

Also, don’t forget the importance of sharing your thoughts and desires with your partner. Otherwise, how are you going¬† to enjoy sex fully if you don’t talk about what excites and satisfies you the most?

Complexes that prevent you from enjoying sex fully

Maybe some details of your body don’t please you and during the relationship you feel the complex ones. You’re trying to avoid being touched here or there or from showing certain parts of your body. Of course, with the light on everything is more complicated.

How can we get carried away with pleasure if we don’t relax? Therefore, it is best to leave any complex behind and avoid the stress or anxiety that may affect us. In this way, we will not be able to fully enjoy sex. Remember that you always enjoy it more with an uninhibited and uninhibited couple.

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Vaginal dryness

In the face of this common problem in some stages of women, she uses lubricants or gels that help at the time of the relationship.

Many women, despite feeling excited, have vaginal dryness. It is normal at certain stages of a woman’s life, especially during menopause or breastfeeding.

To do this, there are really effective lubricating creams that can help you avoid vaginal dryness and have fully satisfactory sex.

Obsession with orgasm

Many times, such is the obsession with reaching orgasm that a vicious circle is created in which the stress of achieving it leads, precisely, to not achieving it. For this reason, again the number one enemy, the stress, must disappear from sexual intercourse.

Indeed, we must understand that orgasm is really pleasurable, yes, but it is better to relax and understand that sex offers many more pleasures that we may be missing if we become obsessed with it.

Overcoming vaginismus to fully enjoy sex

Feeling pain during intercourse is a problem that should be consulted with your gynecologist to locate the causes.

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Vaginismus is a female sexual problem characterized by the involuntary contraction of the muscles of the pelvis surrounding the vagina. Therefore, it can get too narrow, causing pain during intercourse.

Causes of vaginismus may be physical (endometriosis, for example) or psychological (depression, anxiety, trauma). In any case, your gynecologist can advise you and start appropriate treatment.

Female anorgasmia

This is another sexual problem. In this case, despite the stimulation and the existence of sexual desire, the woman cannot reach orgasm. Although it may be due to stages like menopause, anorgasmia can be a lot more complicated.

Indeed, it can have its roots in a sexual education and ignorance of one’s desire and body. In addition, it may be due to states or periods of stress and anxiety and is common in cases of depression.

As you’ve seen, most of the reasons why you don’t fully enjoy sex are related in some way to stress. For this reason, whether talking to your partner or initiating sex therapy, the goal will be to disinhibit and feel better, relaxing and increasing your safety.

Sex is a pleasure, there is no doubt, and enjoying it is a very important aspect of your well-being.

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