Sexual relations in public: advantages and risks

In some countries, having sex in public places is punishable. In addition, we must be vigilant in case someone records with any camera or else the “adventure” can become a nightmare.

In sex, many things are important, including the scenario. Therefore, the idea of having sex in public is something that attracts many, because it raises libido and adrenaline. However, however exciting it is, it also has its risks. In this article, we tell you the pros and cons of practicing sex in public.

Sexual intercourse in public

There are couples who are not independent and do not have their own houses. Thus, for them, having sex in public places is one of the few options for their encounters.

On the other hand, there are also boring couples of their routine who, in order to encourage their sex life, decide to encourage her by practicing sex in public places, that is, in “forbidden” places.

Finally, there are people who simply feel really excited about the idea of practicing sex in these types of spaces. These are excited by the morbidity of being “caught” and being seen. It’s his sexual fantasy.

Advantages of public sex

A different excitement

Couple’s legs maintaining relationships

For most couples, having sex in public places brings an extra excitement by adding the adrenaline of being seen.

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If the fear of getting caught doesn’t over stress you out and you get carried away for the moment, you should know that having sex in public can lead to a very different arousal than usual and routine and even more intense.

Indeed, having sex in public, the feeling of being able to be seen or caught, of doing the forbidden, activates a response in our body that increases adrenaline, pulse, tightens muscles, etc. It is, in itself, a form of excitement.

For this reason, the expectation of having sex in public can lead to a different, even more intense arousal.

Increases complicity in the couple

Doing something forbidden, dangerous and exciting together means becoming accomplices. Indeed, you are co-shareholders  and you need each other’s trust to carry it out. It’s almost like “perpetrateing a crime” together.

Therefore, among the advantages of practicing sex in public we must include the fact that it can strengthen the feeling of complicity among the members of the couple. Also, since most of the time the practice will remain a secret, that feeling will last even after the sexual act.

It’s an option for those who don’t have another place

At other times, encounters in intimate places may not be possible.

As mentioned above, there are couples who simply do not have a private space for their most intimate relationships.

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On the other hand, they may also not have sufficient financial means to pay for a hotel, for example. In this way, having sex in public spaces is practically their only option.

Break with routine

Especially for couples whose sex life is affected by routine, having sex in public can be a new adventure, a way to change something and break with it.

In addition, the feeling of “misbehaving” together can promote and rekindle the sex life. Likewise, the change of place (usually at home, in bed) is also an encouragement, a realized sexual fantasy that gives the couple greater excitement and desire.



You’ll probably think that having sex in public is strictly forbidden and punishable. However, things are not exactly like that.

The Spanish Penal Code contains in article 185: ‘Anyone who executes or enforces acts of obscene display against minors or persons with disabilities in need of special protection shall be punished by imprisonment from six months to a year or a fine of 12 to 24 months’..

According to the content of this article, having sex in public is not punishable if it is not done in front of minors or persons with disabilities. On the other hand, in other countries, public sex may be strictly prohibited and punishable by higher penalties.

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Among the main risks is the possibility of being recorded and that the scene is spreading on the Internet or social networks.

A couple who perform sex in a public place probably only thinks that someone can catch them in fraganti. Indeed, that’s usually the risk that increases adrenaline, morbidity and arousal.

However, we should keep in mind that it is also very possible for someone to catch you, but instead of telling you something or passing by I record you with a mobile phone. Perhaps, after that, your “rebel adventure” appears on the Internet and social networks, and may become a nightmare.

The “dogging”

So far we have referred to sex in public spaces practiced by a couple. However, in recent years a new form has emerged, dogging  or cancaneo, which consists  of having sex with strangers, without any more relationship between them than the sexual act itself.

In relation to this type of contacts, there are even specialized websites that allow appointments among their practitioners. There are also “specific” or common places where they often practice it.

In its most extreme form, it is not only about having sex in public places, but also in open spaces, voluntarily seeking to be seen by passers-by..

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