Meaning of erotic dreams

Erotic dreams should not necessarily be interpreted with sexual sense. Sometimes they have to do with the type of connection that is made with the other person. Find out more about it.

We’ve all had dreams full of eroticism once in our lives. So it is worth asking, what is the meaning of erotic dreams? On this occasion we invite you to solve this question. Find out!

Wet dreams are more common than we think. It doesn’t matter if we find ourselves in an open, monogamous relationship, or if we’re just single.  Unfortunately, everything about sexuality is full of myths to be torn down. For this reason, it is necessary to investigate the true meaning of erotic dreams.

Some erotic dreams may end up even in orgasms, but most people wake up startled and wonder what happened. Does this dream mean that we really want to have sex with the person who has come to our minds while we sleep? The answer is no!

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There is a way to know the meaning of erotic dreams, and Hilda Burke,writer of the book “TheThe  Phone  Addition  Workbook”,reveals it in her text. The author exposes the most common dreams and true interpretation for them. Thus, Hilda mentions:

“You dream about work, vacation or experiences of the past, but it’s not always enjoyable to have sex-related dreams. It may be someone you’ve never had the fantasy of sleeping with.”

So how can you understand this phenomenon? Burke  says that the meaning of erotic dreams may be associated with the way it is connected with another person, and does not necessarily have to be in the sexual sense. Here are some of the most frequent erotic dreams:

Most frequent erotic dreams

These are the dreams that most people refer to having  lived in their sleep:

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Sex with the boss

Sex in an office chair.

Having an erotic dream with the boss does not always indicate that he is desired. Sometimes it can be the form of expression of admiration for him.

This is one of the most common dreams and the psychotherapist, Burke,says it’s not just about wanting to go to bed with the boss. She says, about it:

“Perhaps, in real life, you want to have a promotion and this dream can indicate what you are willing to do to get where you want. The boss can symbolize that you are mentally prepared to live new things.”

Dreaming of the head of work can also express the qualities seen in that figure, and how much it is admired.

With a person from the past

If at the end of the day you feel exhausted, fall asleep, and you dream that you’ve slept with someone from the past, with whom you probably didn’t even have anything, it can represent something more hidden. The author says:

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“Think, what that person represents for you, you may see reflected in it some quality that is also part of you.”

If you notice that, clearly, it is an old love that you still can’t get out of your heart, you may want to go to therapy to solve this situation, and work to forget your ex once and for all.

Sex with a celebrity

These dreams are the ones that are loaded with more symbology, because these people do not know them, nor do we have any ideas of what their personality might be like, except for what we see in the media.

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