Boston Dynamics robot dog already knows how to shepherd sheep and control crops

A promotional video from Boston Dynamics has shown the potential of his robotic dog, Spot, to perform in the agricultural industry due to software from the robotic company Rocos, which is collaborating with Boston Dynamics to find ways to remotely control these robots, according to Business Wire.

The importance of Spot to farmers could translate into the robot monitoring the fields throughout the day, controlling crop growth or fruit maturation—all remotely—sciencealert ScienceAlertsays.

“Our customers are increasing their human workforce to automate physical processes that are often boring, dirty or dangerous,” explained Rocos CEO David Inggs..

One of Spot’s particular benefits is his agility: the robotic dog is able to traverse all kinds of terrain, something impossible for a robot on wheels. He is also known for his ability to rise again if he stumbles and falls.

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One of the robot’s last exploits was the patrol of Singapore’s Bishan-AngMo Kio  Park, to inform residents by loudspeaker about the need to maintain the two-metre social estrangement. 

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