July 14, 2020

News Actualidad Viral

News Actualidad Viral

Babys born by surrogacy that have not been claimed in Ukraine

The image strikes: dozens of children are in their cots, in a hotel room in Ukraine, waiting for their parents to take them.

But they’re not children whose parents are in the next room.

They are babies born by surrogacy (or surrogate bellies) and who due to the cancellation of flights around the world by the pandemic of the covid-19, their adoptive parents, residing abroad, have not been able to travel to the European country to claim them.

“My son was born weeks ago but I haven’t been able to meet him yet”: the Argentinian couple who can’t go to Ukraine to pick up their baby

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“We came to this because our borders are closed and the (Ukrainian) foreign minister decided not to allow foreigners to enter Ukraine, not even those who have a baby born here,” Denis Herman, a medical centre lawyer, told BBC.

The practice of surrogacy or surrogacy is criticized by several sectors that indicate that this is a form of economic exploitation of women. In countries such as India, Nepal or Thailand it has been banned.

In Ukraine this practice is legal and staff of the UN Commission on Human Rights noted that the place is in perfect condition to provide care to minors pending their parents’ pick-up.

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