A nurse cares for a guide dog for weeks along with its owner admitted to his hospital amid covid-19

A Vietnam War veteran and his labrador ended up in a Nevada hospital in March and after the coronavirus facility closed, they were unable to receive visitors.

American nurse Barbara Borbeck  has for weeks cared for a guide dog that ran out of care at  Southern  Hills Hospital in Las Vegas, Nevada, where he works and was quarantined by the coronavirus crisis.

Vietnam War veteran Joe Tasbywas admitted for lung disease and heart arrhythmia in mid-March accompanied by his lazarillo dog,  Cupid. At the time, he did not think that his stay could last much longer than “two or three days,” he confessed to CBS News.

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Although he had visitors at first and his daughter would help him walk Cupid  and feed him, after the hospital closed all visits suddenly ceased and then when Barbara gave her a hand. The nurse walked the dog near the hospital every time it was her turn and made sure she didn’t miss food and ‘chuches’ for nearly three weeks.

Cupid came to be very fond of him and expected the arrival of his assistant at the door every day. Barbara even once drove 40 minutes before her shift to go to a store where there was  Cupid’s special meal she hadn’t been able to find in nine nearby stores.

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“That she took the time to find a particular type of a particular brand of food was extraordinary,” Tasby told CBS News. “How do you really express gratitude when someone steps forward and does so much for you at a time when it would be really difficult, almost impossible for me to do it?” he asked.

During his time at CupidHospital, for his part, he also helped the staff and took turns performing the work of a therapy dog in different departments. Barbara explained that by the coronavirus closure the therapy dogs could no longer frequent the site, and the labrador turned out to be the only dog available.

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Joe and Cupid  were discharged on April 1 after spending 21 days in hospital. The nurse followed them to the car from the main entrance. “It’s lucky to meet someone who’s in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing. And that’s Barbara,”  tasbysaid, who finds no way to thank him and show him how much he appreciates everything he did for the two of them.

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